Fit By Tennis In 60 With Stan Oley USPTA – Part 2 – Staying Fit (014)


Learn how Stan Oley, USPTA and Product Marketing Specialist for Playmate Ball Machines developed Fit By Tennis In 60 Days utilizing the ball machine and good choices off the court

Like we said in Part I, The ball machine is an awesome tool if you use it correctly. You can even use it with more than one person and even make things competitive if you like. It does not have to be a stand there and hit sort of experience.






The Above Ball Machine PDF Includes:

  1. 14 ball machine tips
  2. 14 actual drills (7 one and 7 two player drills)
  3. How to set the machine up for each drill
  4. An explanation of what each drill will help you improve upon in your game
  5. An illustration of each drill
  6. A video of each drill with myself and the head pro at out club
  7. Links to sites that sell ball machines from top of the line to entry level machines

If you missed Part 1, click the link and learn why the ball machine is such a great tool, but it does have it’s advantages and disadvantages.  We do go over both.

What is FBT60?

FBT60 (Fit By Tennis In 60 Days) is a Revolutionary 60 Day Tennis/Fitness Program combining a NUTRITIONAL PROGRAM with a series of Ball Machine Drills. This program is designed for the individual looking to get fit while performing tennis specific drills either by themselves with a ball machine, or in a group situation with a tennis instructor and a ball machine. “

Stan went to his doctor and found out his glucose and cholesterol were way off and his health was going downhill UNLESS he did something about it. FBT60 was developed!

In the podcast, Stan discusses his story, the development of the program, how you can get involved in FBT60 and what he does personally with the ball machine to burn up to 900 calories and get better at tennis in the process.

Stan travels the country promoting FBT60 to players of all levels.  If you are a member at a club or you are part of an organization in the summer, contact Stan if you re interested in having Stan visit your area.Bigstock Clipboard

What issues do you want answered about your game? Send me an email (Contact Me) or go ahead and push that BIG RED BUTTON so I can get your question audibly emailed to me and, who knows, I may even answer it on the air. 

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