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QT016 – Ball Control #4 – Speed

In today’s quick tip I talk about Ball Control #4 – Speed. Speed has advantages and disadvantages and today, I talk about both. please remember that hitting hard is not always the answer to getting better. Sometimes it is exactly what our opponents like and if we do not see this, they will have you […]

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QT015 Ball Control #3 – Direction

In today’s quick tip I discuss the third way you can manipulate, or control, the tennis val;l and this is direction. Direction is usually the element we work on second after mastering consistency (getting the ball back in play). This is very important because if you can hit high, or with spin, if you are […]

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QT014 – Ball Control #2 – Height

In today’s quick tip, I talk about Ball Control #2 which is Height. Heigh has advantages both vertically and horizontally. It helps keep the ball deeper, just like in Ball Control #1 but it also will help keep the ball out of your opponents strike zone, making it more difficult for them to be able […]

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QT013 – Ball Control #1- Depth

In today’s quick tip, I talk about the first of five controls of the tennis ball which is DEPTH There are two basic ways to keep the ball deep 1. Power 2. Height Hitting the ball deep has some major advantages and in this video I show you 5 advantages of keeping the ball deep […]

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QT012 FI

QT012 – Crossover For Better Recovery

In today’s quick tip, I show you the advantages of taking a crossover step first before you start shuffling back. S.E.T.S. – You cover a lot more ground Remember that it is important after this initial crossover step to shuffle so that you do not get “Wrong-Footed” or in other words, so your opponent does […]

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QT011 – Key Volley Wrist Position

In today’s quick tip, I show you a great way to practice hitting a volley with the proper position of the wrist. remember that repetition is key and this is a great way to achieve this even at home S.E.T.S. – Racquet Head Up and Wrist Laid Back This is a common denominator when you see […]

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