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V012 – Ten Step Serving Progression: Stage 5 – The Launch Stage

In Stage 5 of my 10 part series on the serve I discuss and show you

Ten Step Serving Progression
Stage 5 – The Launch Stage

S.E.T.S. (Simple-Efficient-Tennis-Solution) –  Push Up Into The Ball

In this stage

1. Push up into the ball with both legs
2. Strings should be visible from the side
3. Hips are still facing sideways
4. racquet starts to drop back into the “Cocking” position
5. Shoulder will start to externally rotate
6. Elbow starts to drive up

Much more detail on the video.

Good Luck and remember, if you would like the 10-Step Serving guide that includes:

1. All of the Stages
2. Simple details for beginners
3. More details for advanced players
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