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V013: Ten Step Serving Progression – The Cocking Stage

In Stage 6 of my 10 part series on the serve I discuss and show you

Ten Step Serving Progression
Stage 6 – The Cocking  Stage

S.E.T.S. (Simple-Efficient-Tennis-Solution) –  The “So-Called” Backscratch Position

In this stage

1. Legs are fully extended and driving up
2. Racquet is cocked down
3. Not a forced backscratch, but natural due to the external rotation of the shoulder

This stage is automatic and if you are just learning how to serve, don’t start here in the backscratch position, you should start up higher. To see a video of this. go to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y8tNxH3aiDY

Much more detail on the video.

Good Luck and remember, if you would like the 10-Step Serving guide that includes:

1. All of the Stages
2. Simple details for beginners
3. More details for advanced players
4. Accompanying video with each stage
5. All in one convienient guide

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